Super-Fly Celebrates Two Years of Concentrated Awesome!

Yes, this month does indeed mark the two year anniversary of Super-Fly Comics & Games, our favorite comic book store (and hopefully yours too), although we admit we may be kind of biased. We’re looking forward to our Third Year of Supreme Excellence, and have some plans in the works to make this coming year more exciting and fun for all of our friends and fans.

Step One, to make sure you keep up all the cool stuff we’ve got going on, you can now follow us on Twitter! We’re or @superflycomics for the already twitterfied. We’ll have all our store news, info and all that jazz available for you to get beamed directly into your phone/fancy internet box.

Step Two, and this is the big one, to thank all of you for making these past two years so great, we’re increasing the amount of the Subscription File Discount from 10% to 15%. Let me say again:

Sign up for our Subscription Service and get 15% almost everything in the store

If you’re already signed up for a subscription, then your discount has already been converted to the new level. Been on the fence about signing up? Now’s the time to do it.

All you have to do is tell us which titles you’re interested in reading and we’ll pull them aside for you from our Wednesday shipment of new comics. That’s it, that simple. All we ask is that you come in at least once a month to pick up your comics or make other arrangements with us. Your 15% off is good on almost everything in the store (with the exception of new movies and new video games) every day. No minimums, no hassle. Provide us with an email address and we’ll send you an email with what, if anything, is being pulled for you. Check this site to see what else is coming out that week, and call or send us an email with any additions or deletions.

Plus, with our Free Shipping within Ohio, we are more than happy to schedule a monthly shipment (usually to coincide with the arrival of the Diamond Previews catalog, which we will include free of charge, so that you can keep updated on future releases) at no extra cost for you. With the emailed pull lists, it’s simplicity itself to maintain your file as you see fit.

So if you’ve been a file customer with us, then think of this as your karmic reward. If you’re on the fence, or currently enjoying our 10% student or military discount and haven’t want to sign up for a file (those discounts still remain at 10%), now is the time!

Thanks for making these past two years so great, and we look forward to the next two. And the next, and the next, and the next…

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