Street Fair and Captain America…Captain Street Fair?

Just that last minute reminder (well, not last minute, it’s not even noon as I type this) that tomorrow is indeed Street Fair! Come to glamorous, fabulous Yellow Springs (the Hollywood of the midwest) for all the shops, the booths, the fair food and of course, us. We’ll have air-conditioned shelter, video games running all day on our 70″ projection screen (including a Super Smash Bros. Tournament at noon) and of course our sparkling personalities!

Not enough? Okay, fine. We’ll also be running a sale wherein you will get a $5 Gift Card for every $25 you spend. It’s better savings and security than most banks nowadays (unless you lose it, in which case, like healthcare, you’re on your own)! Remember, that’s cumulative, so spend $50, get $10; spend $75, get $15; spend $15,000, get a $3,000 gift card (and probably a hug).

Street fair runs from 9am to 5pm, but the sale runs until we close at 8pm (for the crowd phobic among you).

Once you’ve settled down and recovered from Street Fair, you’ve got another big event to look forward too. On Monday, June 15th, we’ll be getting Captain America #600. Not just a milestone #600th issue, it promises an event so big that we’re selling it on a Monday, not a Wednesday, and it promises national media attention. Is Captain America changing that A on his head to stand for France? Are they announcing Will Smith as Captain America in the movie, and the return of Isiah Bradley, the “Truth” Captain America? Or is someone else returning, someone who’s initials are “Steve Rogers,” which may or may not have anything to do with this “Reborn” miniseries showing up later this month.

Oooooooh, mysterious!

So stop by these next few days and take a big juicy bite of excitement and adventure, Super-Fly style, and also get a peek at other upcoming events, like Free RPG Day on June 20th, Yellow Springs Book Fair on August 1st and Super-Fly’s 2nd Birthday celebration.

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