Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!

This is it kids. Tomorrow, Free Comic Book Day 2009 ground zero. From 10 until 8 tomorrow, we’ll have over 30 different free comic titles to give away, we’ll have 25% off all Comics (New and Back Issues), Graphic Novels and Manga, have buy 1, get one free 25 cent comics, and free video games to play and movies to watch all day.

In addition, we’ll have Ohio’s own 501st Storm Trooper Legion will be making an appearance, including Sith Lord Darth Vader himself. We’ve been informed that the Imperial Shuttle will be arriving at 11:30. Many Bothans were killed to keep this information secret, so remember that operational security is a must.

Not to stop there, we’ll also have available tomorrow our exclusive Free Comic Book Day 2009 shirts. These are black shirts, screen printed with the FCBD 2009 square logo, and on the back a piece of custom artwork by Zane Reichert, our artist in residence depicting the Free Comic Day class of 2009, featuring the stars of some of the summers most anticipated movies.


These works of art and Super-Fly Loyalty will be $12.95 and available for a limited time! If you don’t get them tomorrow, you’ll never have another chance!

Remember, you can go anywhere for Free Comic Book Day, but only one place can make it Super-Fly!

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