May All Your Valentines be Dead Ones

This Valentines Day, what better way to say you love someone than coming back from the dead for them? The peace of the grave is nothing if you can’t spend it with them, right? Super-Fly appreciates that sentiment, and that’s why we’ve had our artist in residence (and part-time employee) Zane Reichert design four cards that get remind your loved ones that “‘ ‘Till Death” is merely a suggestion.


“You’re on My Mind.  Please give it back, I need it.”


“I Only Have Eyes for You”


“You were made for me. I can tell because you taste good.”


“You take my breath away.”

Remember, all designs are copyright Super-Fly Comics, you internet pirates!

The zombie-tines are $2 a piece, or all four for $6.50. We also have blank cards that can be custom drawn to you or your loved ones specifications by Zane for an additional $5. And, since we all know that loves means spending money, ALL FEBRUARY gift cards are on sale for 20% Off. Either give your loved ones the gift of Super-Fly shopping madness, or convince them that they don’t truly love you unless they buy you one. Either way, every one wins!


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