Obama variants and the Power of Hope

So yes, before you ask, we are sold out of Obama varaints for Amazing Spider-Man #538. We’ve begun answering the phone “Super-Fly Comics & Games, we’re sold out of Obama variants.” However, we still have 2nd printings coming next week (at the regular $3.99 cover price), so if you’re interested, please call and we’ll hold one for you. Barring shipping errors, they will be here and waiting for you next Wednesday. In the meantime, may I suggest a Final Crisis #6 (wrapping up the mystery of Batman RIP and full of “What does that mean?” moments) or a Locke & Key:Head Games #1 (the follow miniseries to one of the best series of 2008). While neither are exactly “Presidential,” they are both excellent reads. There’s a reason why Obama is on that cover, and that’s because he loved *and read* comics. I hope that a fraction (maybe 10%? 20%) of those that are buying up these “hot hot sellers” actually take the time to read the issue and maybe get a glimpse at what it is our President-Elect saw that was so great in the world of comics. The “moral certainty” of the super-hero, someone who does right no matter what, can be very inspiring and powerful, and I’d like to think we live in inspiring and powerful times. While not every comic and not every hero is like that (how boring would our stories be if that was all we had?), those that do help contribute to a better world and a better world view.

Be the change you want to see in the world: Read a comic, don’t just bag it up and wait for it to put your kids through college (protip: it won’t).

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