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Super-Fly Comic of the Week July 4

Happy Independence Day fly-hards!  We wouldn’t let a little thing like a national holiday stop us from bringing you another choice comic from this week’s offerings!  This week was a large week for comics and if you’re a Guardians of the Galaxy fan this is the week for you!  The Legendary Starlord launched, a new Guardians book started, East of West continued to be brilliant, and Daredevil took a very entertaining trip out west to San Francisco!  With all the celebrating going on this weekend it only seemed right that the funnest book this week should take the top spot and that book is: Rocket Raccoon #1!


Skottie Young (Marvel’s Oz, Various Marvel covers) launches an all-new ongoing series featuring everyone’s favorite four legged, foul-mouthed woodland critter!  Skottie Young’s art always pops with bright and fun energy and this first issue.  Rocket a Guardian of the Galaxy, the savior of princesses, the lady killer himself is on the run and the Guardians aren’t around to help!  Humorous, fun, and grin inducing this series seems to be exactly what everyone wanted it to be.

Super-Fly Comic of the Week June 27

All-New Super-Fly Comic of the Week 2.75/2a is back again with another week’s worth of books to sort through. After back-to-back small week’s list was simply monstrous by comparison. Saga continues its streak of being the best book published, Trees #2 continued to be deeply interesting in that way only Ellis can be, and store favorite Midas Flesh saw its penultimate issue. Unfortunately for all of those comics, there was a book that has been hyped for months came in (not unlike a large metal ball used for demolition) and it lived up to the hype. That book is: Superman #32!


John Romita Jr. (Kick-Ass, Amazing Spider-Man) makes his DC debut to team up with Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, Infinite Crisis) to launch an all-new storyline for the Man of Steel!  On another world a desperate couple save their child from certain doom as their world is destroyed by sending him to Earth and no we are not talking about Superman!  Romita brings his trademark energy to every page and Johns seems to have been rejuvenated and refocused his efforts on this one.  The hype train ruins so many books, but we’re glad to see a Superman book worthy of the title.

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Super-Fly Comic of the Week June 20

Just when you think you’re out, we pull you back in for another edition of Super-Fly Comic of the Week! We’ve been out for a few weeks, but worry not we are back with more great comics! This week saw the return of Sex Criminals after a month off, Gail Simone’s fabulous Red Sonja continued, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time is a blast. If you know us here at the store you already knew what this week’s pick was going to be. It’s a book we’ve been pretty hyped about since it was announced back at this year’s Image Expo. This week marked the launch of our Super-Fly Comic of the Week: The Wicked & The Divine #1!

The Wicked and the Divine

Kieron Gillen (Young Avengers, Journey into Mystery) and Jamie McKelvie (Young Avengers, Phonogram) reunite for a brand new series from Image.  12 gods are reborn every 90 years as pop culture idols, but they’re gone after 2 short years.  Laura wants nothing more in the world than to be like the gods she loves so much and Lucifer (or Luci, sporting a glam rock Bowie design) is more than happy to make that happen.  Instantly engaging with bright vibrant visuals and excellent characters (Luci steals the show big time) this first issue lived up the hype and we cannot wait for more.

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READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 65: The Comics You Love as an Adult

Secret Origins featuring the JLA!

Secret Origins featuring the JLA is a notable book in that it sets the stage for Grant Morrison’s run on JLA

Having covered a run of things here at the RMLB, including comics he liked as a kid, Max now turns to some comics that are the foundation for his entire collection; comics he’s loved and re-read over the years multiple times since getting them.  Namely, Grant Morrison’s run on JLA starting with the two books Secret Origins featuring the JLA and Justice League: Midsummer’s Nightmare the latter of which was written by Mark Waid and Fabian Nicieza prepping for Morrison’s epic JLA run.  Check out coverage of these two books here as Max goes over comics he’s loved as an adult! Continue reading READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 65: The Comics You Love as an Adult

Wednesday’s New Releases:

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 64: A Look Back at New 52 Justice League: Origin!

Justice League Origin

Reeling from a tough week with his computer currently on the fritz, Max takes time out of regular writing to dig up an old entry on the New 52 Justice League series and its first hardcover Origin. Re-telling the Justice League’s formation from the start, this time with Cyborg included, Max finds Origin to be as rewarding a read in whole as he did the first time around with the issues. Continue reading READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 64: A Look Back at New 52 Justice League: Origin!

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 63: Time to Smash Robots with the ORIGINAL Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 AD!

Magnus Robot Fighter Archives Vol. 1

Keeping the new entries coming, Max tackles a character at his beginning who has made more than one comeback, Gold Key’s Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 AD!  This “Tarzan of the Future” character created by Russ Manning has adventures that are classic in more than one sense of the word: they’re classic sci-fi, done in a classic style written & drawn by a classic creator!  While these original comics first appeared in the mid-1960s, you can relive the excitement today thanks to Dark Horse Comics and their now complete run of Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 AD Archives just recently made available in trade paperback!  Come one, come all to smash some robots & get the scoop! Continue reading READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 63: Time to Smash Robots with the ORIGINAL Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 AD!

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 62: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man!

Beware the Superior Foes of Spider-Man!

Beware the Superior Foes of Spider-Man!

Thanks to the run he did on DC’s tenure with the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and his excellent Image book Morning Glories, Max has been a big fan of Nick Spencer for a while, but hasn’t read any of his Marvel work…until now!  With the first trade paperback of Superior Foes of Spider-Man now available and given to him as a birthday gift, Max dives headfirst into Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber goodness to find a title in which you really don’t need Spider-Man at all to have a good time, just some dastardly no goods who are literally no good at what they do! Continue reading READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 62: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man!