Super-Fly Comics & Games opened its doors in August 2007 after buying the new comics & graphic novels business of Dark Star Books. Since then we have expanded further into video, card, board and role-playing games; movies; manga; toys; t-shirts; statues and other cool things. Be sure to ask about our subscription pull file service to get 15% off almost everything in the store and our 10% discount for college students and military personnel.

We're located at 132 Dayton Street in Yellow Springs, Ohio. You can reach us at (937) 767-1445 or
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Read My Library by Max Lake

Join Super-Fly sidekick Max Lake as he makes a noble attempt to read all of his comic books in his Library and then write about the experience! A fun read for longtime comics readers and even folks not familiar with the medium or those not possessing intimate knowledge about super heroes and comic characters, Read My Library currently updates once a week, now every Thursday.

Past entries of the blog can be accessed here:

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Entry 14: Adam Strange Man of Two Worlds TPB
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Entry 6: The End of the Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2! The Final Silver Age Adventures of Captain Atom, Blue Beetle and the Question!
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Entry 3: Disaster in Blogland and Captain Atom’s “New” Costume
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Entry 1: Captain Atom in Action Heroes Archives Vol. 1
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