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READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 58: Time to Laugh Out Loud with Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume One!

After a series of bad days, Max takes a break from writing to dig out another “lost” entry to give him more time to prepare for the coming C2E2 and get himself together.  Appropriately enough, the entry is taken from another time after a bad day, when Max read through Michael Kupperman’s side splitting Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume One If laughter is the best medicine, this book is some damn good medicine!  Find the funny in this week’s RMLB entry!

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Greetings all you Super-Flyers and Fly-Hards!  Thanks for clicking onto another entry of the Read My Library Blog right here at! The past couple weeks have been hectic in that I’ve been back at my seasonal job doing as much work as I possibly can to earn money for the coming C2E2 convention in Chicago—which is only a little over a week away!  With all the work I’ve been doing, I’ve had precious little time to write.  Even with work, I usually do have enough time to cobble together a new entry, and as I’ve said recently, I have several half-finished new entries as well as unpublished old entries to work on to finish and fill this space—but I also have other books I want to do all-new entries about too and was hoping to do just that for this week.  Unfortunately, I’ve been having a series of migraine headaches the past few days (a reoccurring problem of mine I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy) as well as trouble sleeping, which has definitely affected my ability to write.  So although I hate to do it again so soon, I’m stuck reaching into the unpublished archives once more to pull out an entry for this week’s blog update.  With Tony putting updating the blog in my hands now (as in not only writing, which was always me but posting, which until recently Tony was doing), I’d almost certainly rather do that than let a Thursday pass by without an update.

Today’s book is Michael Kupperman’s Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume One.  I want to apologize up front for the lack of scans in this entry, though it is due to restrictions put on the book by Kupperman and Fantagraphics and not due to laziness on my part.  This caused me to struggle describing the book a little back when I wrote it a little over a year and a half ago, but I’ve since embellished it a bit in getting it ready for publication.  What you need to know is that it is, very, very funny and very much worth owning if you enjoy adult humor and laughing.

Why don’t I let my “past self” take it from here, and meet you back in the “Notes From Now” section…


Written 10/7/12

Today was not my best day.  I got to spend some precious time with family but ultimately the day still ended up pretty sour and while I won’t go into the details, by evening I was pretty bummed.  My wife had a busy day and went to bed early, but I felt like staying up late and trying to cheer up.  Luckily, I found the perfect remedy for my blues: Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume One by Michael Kupperman and published by Fantagraphics.  I’ve owned the book for a while and have already read it a couple times, and frequently return to favorite strips.  However, I just got the book back from a friend who I loaned it to, and before I re-shelved it, I started flipping through the pages.  Finding myself cracking up at everything I read, I went back to the beginning and decided to read it cover to cover.  The experience was a riot to say the least.  Sadly, I can’t provide any scans without express permission of Kupperman and Fantagraphics, so I’m foregoing providing any visual samples to stay out of trouble, but if you like comics and you like to laugh, you totally need this book.

Tales Designed To Thrizzle Volume One

Tales Designed To Thrizzle Volume One is a book so funny, you *need* to own it!

Kupperman’s style is super silly stuff yet presented in a serious matter-of-fact manner.  The comic proclaims there is a section for every age: a children’s section, an adult section, and an elderly section.  It’s very random sometimes to where anything goes and original comedic ideas explode panel after panel.  There are reoccurring characters like Snake and Bacon, who are literally a snake and a piece of bacon; or the Manister, the man that can become a banister but there is no ongoing narrative to the book whatsoever, it’s just short bursts of brilliance ranging from a couple panels to one to three pages.  There is a fair amount of parody of comic books, especially in the form of advertisements in the old comic book style with mail away coupons.  The products are all horrible though, and hilariously depicted.  Advertising begins to become a theme with several pieces starting out as adventures or stories but turn out to be just advertisements.  From a “choose your own adventure” like segment with random art to a history of porno coloring books, there’s just tons of stuff happening in these pages. There’s a mysterious elderly fellow lurking about called “Cousin Grandpa” and an adventure or two of lookalike P.I.s out of history: Twain & Einstein that are sure to crack you up.

What’s really cool is Kupperman’s art style varies so much throughout the volume, using more cartoony styles sometimes and more photorealistic styles elsewhere.  The diversity lends to the chaos of the book, and helps make it fun to read.  Kupperman certainly has a high degree of talent and puts a wide spectrum of visuals, many of them silly.  It is almost as if it is a book put together by a series of artists instead of just one, and the inconsistency leaves you guessing page after page as to what you might see next.  I think it’s fair to say the results of turning the page are frequently surprising.

The best part about Tales Designed to Thrizzle is how funny it is.  I challenge anyone to read through it without finding something to laugh out loud about.  It’s pure lunacy and fun, and after the day I had today, it was just what I needed.  I laughed so hard, sometimes to the point of crying and howling—albeit as quietly as I could because my wife was asleep as I read.  I had to laugh several times into a pillow because my guffaws were so hearty and potentially loud.  While I’ve had a little trouble summing up the book here (especially without scans of examples of the humor), the big take away from it is that it’s some of the funniest adult comics I’ve had the pleasure to read.  That’s right, I said “adult.”  There is quite a variety of mature language and topics in the book that aren’t quite suited for younger readers, at all—despite what the book says about claiming to have a “children’s section.”  What else can I say except that I highly recommend you order a copy for yourself ASAP.  If you’re lucky, you may not have to special order it at all, as this is a book that Super-Fly Comics & Games tries to keep at least one copy of in stock at all times.

I haven’t been reading or writing as much as I’d like to of late (Note: meaning back in October 2012—but heck, it could apply to multiple times throughout the history of the RMLB, including this week of April 17th 2014!), but my extended lead time on compete blog entries is starting to get closer, so I’m re-dedicating myself to the project as much as I can.  I’m a little uncertain as to what I’ll be reading next, but whatever it is, I need to get on it!  I really can’t afford to slack at this point!  Of course, I’ve all but abandoned my Rules & Regulations as to what reading order I’m doing, but the hell with it, I’m having a good time and reading what I want.

On that note, I’m gonna split.


NOTES FROM NOW (4/17/2014): Since this entry was originally written, Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume Two has been released by Kupperman and Fantagraphics, and while I own it, I have yet to read very much of it at all.  I think I’ve only flipped through it enough to see that both Snake & Bacon and Twain and Einstein return for the sequel.  I believe my wife Maureen has read all or most of it, and while she enjoyed it, she said the original was much funnier.  I’ll have to find out for myself for a future entry of the RMLB!

Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume Two

I have yet to read Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume Two but if Volume One was indication, I’m sure it’s hilarious!

As the last paragraph indicates, this was about the time in the RMLB that I decided to step away from doing only DC Comics stuff and branch out a little more, and throw away the Guidelines I set up for myself at the outset of my blog.  In fact, I think as of this writing, I will update said Guidelines again, pointing out how obsolete they are now—even though they were written giving myself a pretty big “out” if I ever decided to take it, which I clearly have breaking away from DC and my ridiculous reading order and rules.

Finally, I apologize this entry is so short and so old. I mean, it was bound to go up sometime, but had this week not been so crazy and terrible, I may have had something more substantial for you all (at least something more visual).  Though I can’t promise anything, I am going to try to have something special up for next week’s entry, though we’ll just have to see how everything goes.  I have a lot of other stuff to do between now and then, as when next week’s entry goes up, the Super-Fly crew and myself will be departing for C2E2!

Until then, stay super and fly out there gang! See you back here next week!

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