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Comics and Items 9/28/11

Here we are in the fifth and final week of the DC new 52 relaunch and let me tell you they’ve definitely saved some of the best for last! With titles ranging from heavy hitters like Batman: The Dark Knight to fan favorites like Teen Titans you are sure not to be disappointed.

Saturday we hosted our […]


Spawning out of Geoff Johns’ legendary run on Green Lantern where he created the multiple hues of Lantern Corps, came the crazy raging Red Lanterns. Now as part of DC’s New 52 comes Red Lanterns, one of several Green Lantern spin off books being offered this month. Does the title stand enough on its […]


I can’t say that I’ve ever been a big Hawk and Dove fan. While I enjoyed their depiction in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, I haven’t read a lot of stuff with the characters. I know they were originally conceived by Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, but I haven’t read that stuff yet (I say […]

SUPER-FLY FANDIMONIUM by Max Lake – Justice League International #1 Review

Justice League International was my favorite book as a kid back in the 80s. There was an eclectic and unusual group of heroes and things were played for laughs. After being in the spotlight following Justice League Generation Lost , the JLI is now back in a new book, Justice League International #1, with […]

SUPER-FLY FANDIMONIUM by Max Lake – Animal Man Review

Animal Man is hardly a household name. So obscure a hero that he was part of a team called “The Forgotten Heroes,” Animal Man remained on the fringe until the late 80s, when Grant Morrison started the first Animal Man series. Since then, Animal Man has been a somewhat popular hero in recent years, […]

SUPER-FLY FANDIMONIUM by Max Lake – Detective Comics #1 Review

Detective Comics #1 is quite a milestone among the New 52, as Detective Comics are the original words abbreviated by the company name “DC” and there has not been a new issue #1 since 1937, and never a #1 with Batman in it. Along with the renumbering of Action Comics, having a new Detective shows […]

Comics and Items 9/21/11

Week four of the DC New 52 is underway and boy are some great titles launching this week! We’re keeping them at the top of the list and in the spot light. If you aren’t a member of our subscription service and you are interested in any of these titles I urge you to hit our […]


I’ve always loved Barbara Gordon as I grew up reading her exploits as Batgirl in old back issues of Batman Family where she’d team up with Robin. When she was shot by Joker and crippled in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, I was severely disappointed. However, the Oracle information broker identity she established despite […]


War comics haven’t been much in the spotlight lately, with some notable exceptions like Dynamite’s Battlefields written by Garth Ennis. However, with two real life wars still ongoing, DC serves up Men of War as part of its New 52, starring a brand new Sergeant Rock leading a modern unit into intense missions. The […]


I am one of those people who first encountered the electric hero Static in the animated TV show Static Shock. I hadn’t read the Milestone series before and actually still have not. I did pick up the Static Shock special that dropped in the spring and was really looking forward to his new series. […]