Super-Fly Comics & Games opened its doors in August 2007 after buying the new comics & graphic novels business of Dark Star Books. Since then we have expanded further into video, card, board and role-playing games; movies; manga; toys; t-shirts; statues and other cool things. Be sure to ask about our subscription pull file service to get 15% off almost everything in the store and our 10% discount for college students and military personnel.

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RUN! Its the attack of the 50-ft COMICS!!!! Shipping list for 3/30/11

GODZILLA! GODZILLA’S HERE!! And, boy howdy, does the cover look *AMAZING*. (On a related note, there’s been some grumbling about the unfortunate timing regarding this book and the recent events in Japan. If you’re interested in hearing IDW’s official stance on the matter, click here – we at Super-Fly stand behind them 100% – and rest assured that when the commemorative issue comes out, you’ll absolutely be able to buy it from us to help the relief efforts). In the meantime, however, you’ll have to satisfy yourself with all of our prolific distractions; this week we’re also seeing the first issue of Avatar’s Caligula (naughty little romp that it is), the new Elephantmen miniseries, the triumphant return of Kick-Ass 2 and a litany of other goodies. This should be a great week in reading! AND if for some insane reason you cannot get all of your comic kicks here at the shop – keep your calendars open for Gem City Comic Con this Sunday (4/3)!! Click below for the shipping list! Continue reading RUN! Its the attack of the 50-ft COMICS!!!! Shipping list for 3/30/11

Comics List for 3/23/11 & Convention Lag!

WE’RE BACK BABY! C2E2 is now over, and while we’ll miss everybody there – we’re ecstatic to be back. There’s all kinds of swag and comics news for us to sift through and share with you fine folks – as soon as we get it all sorted out. If you’re wondering how we did at the show, fiscally, I’ll put it like this – we spent the weekend *literally* bathing in money. I’m *still* finding random $20 and $50 bills in my pockets – so, yeah – we couldn’t get to any of the panels we wanted to because we literally couldn’t stop taking money from people! If you weren’t at C2E2, you missed out! Keep your eyes peeled here and on our Facebook page for further updates! Shipping list below!

Continue reading Comics List for 3/23/11 & Convention Lag!

Comics For 3/16/11

This week was highlighted by our Walking Dead DVD & Blu-Ray launch party – which brought in huge crowds AND the newspaper photographer!! In other exciting news, our ENTIRE crew is going to Chicago to C2E2 – so make sure you stop in to harass our pitch-hitters while we’re out – it’ll be a blast on all accounts! Check out our full shipping list below: Continue reading Comics For 3/16/11

Comics For 3/09/11

Boy howdy, this month’s already been busier than you can shake a stick at – AND THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE! In addition to all these rad new books coming out this week, we’ve also got in-hand the Walking Dead Season 1 DVD and Blu-Ray set (don’t forget to come to our release party – there’ll be snacks, raffles, and rumor has it that we’ll be watching the show on our giant projector – remember, come dressed as a zombie and your raffle ticket purchases will be doubled!!) FURTHER – we just got in wave one of our new product line: Skate Gear! Right now we’re stocked on skate tools and hardware; we’ve got some blank decks that we’re gonna get customized by hot artists at C2E2 next week – but we’ll be fully stocked with some plain decks, trucks, bearings & wheels shortly. Also, don’t forget to check out our Type II (Standard) Magic tournament this Saturday, or our Heroscape game next Saturday! For the full shipping list, click below. Continue reading Comics For 3/09/11