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Comics & Items Shipping June 30th

We’re back and well rested from a fun week at Origins up in Columbus. We met some neat people and saw some really fun stuff, so keep an eye out for some new gaming stuff in the shop in the relatively near future. In the meantime, here’s what we’re getting in this week.

Lex Luthor takes center […]

Comics & Items Shipping, June 23rd

There’s never a dull moment around here. This week we’ll be prepping for Origins Game Fair, where we’ll be displaying and showing our wares to the Columbus gaming public, as well as getting a peek at new games to share with you, the Super-Fly faithful. That doesn’t stop the new comics though. Nothing can stop them, really. I, for one, welcome our four color overlords.

The biggest 4-color overlord of them all, SUPERMAN, gets a 700th issue this week kicking off the potentially legendary run by Joe Straczynski. Speaking of new runs, GREEN ARROW gets a fresh start (and a new #1) in a magical forest in the heart of Star City, hoping some of the Brightest Day/Green Lantern magic rubs off on him. The RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE returns again (and returns harder), this time with rope swinging pirate action. I mean, look at him in pirate times. He’s happy as a clam. Don’t tell Bruce didn’t miss his calling. JURASSIC PARK returns for all you clever girls and boys out there, we get our summer fix of FRINGE in comic book form, Marvel reminds you that #1s are old news and now it’s time for AVENGERS #2, POWER GIRL gets a new creative team and yes Jason, we finally find out not just who but why the Red Hulk is in HULK.

For the rest of this week’s goodies, click on through to the other side…
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Super-Fly Games: It's True

If you are well versed in our place of business, you know that we deal in comics and games. It’s in our name, after all. But maybe you didn’t know that we sell video games. Sure, we’ve got used games, but we do get new games as well from time to time. It’s true. You don’t […]

Comics & Items Shipping June 16th

Another Street Fair is in the books. A wet and swamp-humid one, but a great time none the less. Thanks to Tom Watson III, Rick Berry, Joe Pruitt, Travis Lewis, Kel Crum, Zane Reichert, Mike Brown and Brian Latimer for coming out and sharing their art with folks. Hopefully you all got a chance to see […]

Yellow Springs Street Fair & Super-Fly Live Art Show Tomorrow!

Don’t forget, rain or shine, tomorrow is Yellow Springs Street Fair! They’ll be all kinds of fun stuff to do in town, and most every shop will be having deals and specials on all of the cool stuff that you love. If you love our stuff (which, let’s face it, we know that you do), you’re […]

Comics & Items Shipping June 9th

With Street Fair and the Art Show this weekend you’d think we’d have a lot on our plate, but at this point in our Yellow Springs lives you kind of get used to it. Street Fair prep turns into an art form, one that I think we’ve come fairly close to mastering. At this point, I’m just excited to see how the mash-up of Street Fair and Art Show works. I think we’ll be surprising a fair amount of Street Fair goers, and I think our artists are going to get a lot of exposure. That’s just win-win for everyone.

This week we’ll see some good stuff in stock for our Street Fair crowd, most notably the second volume of the hit Image series CHEW. We also hit legendary number status in this month’s BATMAN, written by Grant Morrison and a host of others. There’s a new volume of JESUS HATES ZOMBIES, the PREDATORS comic prequel begins, Marvel tries their hand at another teen title with YOUNG ALLIES (written by fan-favorite Sean McKeever) and Christos Gage kicks off another new Avengers #1 with AVENGERS ACADEMY.

For the full list of this weeks comics, click below.

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Super-Fly Reads: The Walking Dead

One of the greatest reads in comics right now is undoubtedly Image’s The Walking Dead written by Robert Kirkman. Art at the beginning of the series was done by Tony Moore, with Charlie Adlard working on the majority of the series. It’s a survival epic set in the zombie holocaust that any fan of […]

HeroClix Tournament this Sunday, June 6th at 3pm

For those of you that are into the HeroClix scene, here’s our Clix-Meister General Brent with details for the latest tournament he’s cooked up.

Join us Sunday, June 6th at 3pm for the next event. I want to try something different. I saw this one online and thought it was a cool idea.. The Last Man Standing. […]

Comics & Items Shipping Thursday, June 3rd

Here’s this week’s list of stuff shipping on Thursday. Computers hate me and ate all the pithy things I wrote earlier in the day. Boo on them. We will, however, be getting the above two statues, as well as two sets of Marvel Universe figures and the DC Heroes Trigon wave.

The full list of comics shipping this week is after the break

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