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Super-Fly Previews August's Comics

Each Month Diamond Comics puts out their catalog of comics & items shipping in the next two months (and sometimes beyond). While the massive tome is a one-stop shopping wonderland for the comics fan, sometimes the new and good stuff can get lost in the shuffle. That’s where Super-Fly steps in. Each month we go through and highlight the new and important stuff shipping that month, be it a new series, a new original graphic novel, an important creative team change or a new direction. We’ve got you covered! If you’re interested in the full Previews Experience, remember we do offer Previews free to all of our Subscription customers that would like it. If there’s anything you’d like to your subscription or would like to special order, drop us an email and we’ll get you hooked up. If you’re interested in our Subscription service, click the subscriptions tab at the top of the page.

We’ll be going through the June Previews on the June 8th edition of our weekly podcast. Click through the break to read the June edition of our Previews Digest (which requires Adobe Acrobat), and you can jump to each of the premiere publishers using the bookmark function on the left side of the Acrobat window.
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Super-Fly Art Show and Yellow Springs Street Fair

Super-Fly Comics and Games is hosting it’s third, and possibly it biggest, Live Art Show June 12th from Noon to 5pm, which sets it right during the Yellow Springs June Street Fair. A number of artists from all over the area will be descending on the store, painting, drawing and exhibiting. Some may be accepting commissions […]

Comics & Items Shipping Wednesday, May 26th

Here’s this week’s haul of awesome comic goodness. This week is a Previews week, so if you want to get the jump on new series, toys and special orders you need to get on that! Or, you can sign up for our newsletter and get the Super-Fly Spotlight Previews delivered to you through the magic of the internet. It spotlights all new series, one-shots, creative team changes and other cool things that may get lost in the Big Book of Stuff.

If you missed it the first time around, or if you want to hold a mammoth slab of awesome in your hands, the WEDNESDAY COMICS hardcover is here. Trust me when I say it is *sizable,* and it holds a collection of comics from some of the best people in the business.SECRET AVENGERS #1 hits, with one of the wildest Avengers teams ever, written by the it’s-not-a-secret-he’s-so-awesome Ed Brubaker. Steve Rogers, Black Widow, War Machine, Beast, Nova, Moon Knight and the Irredeemable Ant-Man. The Marvel cosmic books take a back-seat to THE THANOS IMPERATIVE, where everyone’s favorite death-loving prune chin comes back from the beyond to kill everything. Zombie expert Max Brooks turns his eye to the real American heroes in G.I. JOE: HEARTS AND MINDS, DAZZLER shines in her own one-shot, THE GUILD continues it’s nerd-tastic origin story and Steve Niles introduces the MYSTERY SOCIETY.

The rest of this week’s stuff after the break!
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Super-Fly Comics & Games Official Podcast is now available!

It’s now live and free to air on iTunes. The first installment of our new weekly podcast is up and available for your download through the Panels on Pages “PoP-Cast Network.” You can find it at Panels On or you can also find it through iTunes here .

If you’ve got something you’re dying to know […]

This Week's Comics, mc chris, Avengers Day & more!

For those of you whop don’t follow us on Twitter (shame on you!) or don’t have a Twitter (good for you!), you missed the news that we scored quite the coup yesterday. While taking a day off from touring mc chris put it out there that he wanted to play Red Dead Redemption if any of his fans in the Cincinnati area were going to get a copy. Sure, we’re a little outside that area but we let him know that we had it and would be more than willing to let him come and play it on our 70″ projector. He agreed and we got a chance to watch as he rode and shot his way through Rockstar’s newest masterpiece. Seriously, this game is as great as mc was gracious and genuine. It was a fun time, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to hang out with him again soon (some of us are even going to his show at The Basement in Columbus tonight at 7pm. If you’ve never been to an mc chris show, you are missing out!

This week is our Avengers Day Party, celebrating the release of AVENGERS #1 by Bendis and Romita, Jr. We’ll have Thor Cake, the full array of Avengers variants, Marvel vs Capcom 2 on our aforementioned projector as well as FREE “I am an Avengers” prints for the first 25 folks that show up. We assure you, nothing is healthier for you than cake and video games. Honest.

Also out this week is ZATANNA’s new ongoing from Paul Dini, the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES returns with the legendary Paul Levitz, the Agents return in ATLAS, Pepper Potts takes center stage in the RESCUE one-shot, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA begins its crossover with the Justice Society as one of the returned heroes from Blackest Night joins the team!

If you’re looking for more Super-Fly info, sign up for our newsletter (on the right) and stay tuned later today for the first episode of the weekly Super-Fly podcast. It’s all the fun of a Super-Fly visit, but with a volume knob. Wait, maybe that’s not the best selling point.

What a week, and it’s only Tuesday! For the rest of this week’s comics, click below!

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Super-Fly Reads: Scalped

I like messed up stories. It’s a fact. Any media that has story that throws you right turn straight into a wall is right up my alley. And Scalped is a pretty standard, messed up story. The series is set on the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in modern-day South Dakota; the story is concerned with […]

Red Dead Redemption on sale this Tuesday!

It’s the biggest game release of the summer, and we’ll have it on release day! Available for 360 and PlayStation 3.

America, early 1900’s. The era of the cowboy is coming to an end.

When federal agents threaten his family, former outlaw John Marston is sent across the American frontier to help bring the rule of law. Experience […]

Avengers Day Party Wednesday, May 19th!

“And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when the era of big company wide events ended! On that day all the Avengers titles were re-launched with new number ones to show that they were super-serious – and so we’re having a big party to celebrate!” – an issue of Avengers, I think

Or something […]

Super-Fly Comics Multimedia Takeover!

Sometimes, if we’re good, they let us out of comfortable retail habitat to explore the world beyond Yellow Springs. When that happens, we find it’s best to document the occasion for posterity. Whether it’s for future generations to learn from our our lawyers to prepare a defense, only time will tell.

Here’s Super-Fly co-founder (and guy writing […]

Comics & Items Shipping Wednesday, May 12th

Do you remember Siege? Sure, we all do! Well this week Marvel’s “last big event forever we super-double-promise” wraps up with Four! yes Four issues this week. Be cautious, though! There’s Naturally, first up is SIEGE #4, wherein everything gets wrapped up in a big fight. Then check out “FALLEN [BLANK],” where [BLANK] who dies during the battle with [BLANK2] is memorialized and, this is a quote from what passed for the Marvel solicit for this book, “as a writer (CLASSIFIED) returns to lead the farewells.?” I’m going to miss [BLANK] so much. I never thought they had a chance to full explore [BLANK] as a character. Sometimes Marvel makes me so [BLANKING] mad. Also, there’s NEW AVENGERS FINALE (which isn’t much of a finale since the book is going to be relaunched with the same title and creative team later this month) and DARK AVENGERS #16, where we discover the fate of Osborn’s wacky band of wife murderers and alien cannibals. Far out fun in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

Also out this week is BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, featuring Bruce in old-timey Caveman days wearing a giant bat-hat and possible shaving his chest hair into a bat symbol pattern. Also returning is BIRDS OF PREY, featuring newly resurrected Hank Hall. I’m sure he’ll fit in! Plus we’ve got more Godzilla toys, JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST, TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE, and the Rashida Jones helmed FRENEMY OF THE STATE. That’s a tasty helping of awesome comics this week, I tell ya!

For the full breakdown, check out the full list below.
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