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Comics Shipping this Wednesday

Finally, a new comic day post where I don’t have to talk about the weather. Oh wait…dammit, I just did. Anyway, I will take this opportunity to remind folks about our DANCE PARTY & BREAKDANCE CONTEST this Saturday at 8pm. It will be a great time, and it looks like the weather will be most cooperating, so we won’t have to deal with dangerous roads. I know we like to keep the breaking on the cardboard, not on the asphalt.

Anyway, here’s this week’s stuff. BLACKEST NIGHT clocks in on schedule (yes, that was a planned skip month), while FLASH: REBIRTH (yes, that Flash Rebirth) limps along the finish line, three months late and a week after the Blackest Night miniseries that takes place *after* it wraps. If you read BN: Flash already, now’s your chance to find out how all those people got to where they were in that. It’s like Memento, right? Our copies of Ben Templesmith’s new book CHOKER finally show up, as do the second prints of one of my favorite books of the year thus far STUMPTOWN. There’s a bevy of SIEGE tie-ins, as well as the collection of Jonathan Hickman’s first arc on FANTASTIC FOUR. This has been amazing and should be owned by everyone with eyes.

The rest of the this week’s comics after the jump!
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I’d be lying if I professed not to love, by default, the works of Jim
Henson; even the posthumous ones that he never touched. It comes as
no shock, then, that having just finished Muppet King Arthur #1 I am
quite impressed. I really think all of the recent Boom Studios Muppet
books have been phenomenal and by […]

Comics Shipping this Wednesday

This week would be a good time to remind you that we ship for free within Ohio, right? Let’s say a whole big series of winter storms hit, and you can’t make it out to thing Springs to get your comics, but you really, really want to read them. What would you do? Why, you could […]

Dance Party & Breakdance Contest

Everybody likes to get down and boogie. That’s just a fact. It’s also a fact that Winter kind of blows, especially these past few weeks. What better way to shake them blahs than to have a party?

Saturday, February 27th at 8pm we’ll have two of Yellow Spring’s finest DJs, JFX316 and Dr. Falafel, spinning […]

Comics Shipping this Wednesday

As I write this, we’re buried in a snow cave, desperately waiting for the dogs with the little barrels of liquor on their collars to come find us. The only thing that keeps me warm and waiting for tomorrow is the premise of new comics. I assure you that, like the post office, we take no […]

Valentine’s Day Sale!

While we’re all digging out this weekend, cursing the sky gods for the beautiful snowy destruction they’ve rained down upon us, I’m going to give you guys something to look forward to: Next weekend, Friday the 12 through Sunday 14th we’re running our annual Valentine’s Day sale! Yes, take 20% off EVERYTHING in the store that […]

Comics Shipping this Wednesday

SIEGE continues to roll on this week, as does Blackest Night in BN: WONDER WOMAN and the one-issue revived QUESTION series, featuring Renee Montoya vs Black Lantern Vic Sage (written by Greg Rucka & Denny O’Neill). Brian Wood & Becky Cloonan introspective super-power series DEMO returns courtesy of Vertigo, plus Art Adams returns to drawing a […]