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New Books this week!

Super-Fly Comic of the Week September 26

Welcome back, Fly-Hards, to the Super-Fly Comic of the Week! This week sees the close of DC gimmick month and the end of the 3D covers, we all got our Saga fix, and Dustin Weaver made his Marvel writing debut on Edge of Spider-Verse. This week’s comic of the week comes to us once more from Image and once again is a new sci-fi ongoing series. This week’s Super-Fly Comic of the Week is: Roche Limit #1!



Michael Moreci (Hoax Hunters, Curse) and Vic Malhutra (X-Flies: Year Zero) launch an brand new Sci-Fi series taking place on a colony on the edge of a bizarre anomaly out in space, not unlike a black hole!  Women are going missing, a drug called Recall is everywhere, and illegal experiments are routine, all taking place in a setting and story which feels very at home on the shelf next to Total Recall.  It will be very interesting to see where this series goes from here!

This week’s books!

Super-Fly Comic of the Week September 19th

Welcome, Fly-Hards, to yet another installment of Super-Fly Comic of the Week!  This week saw a huge number of new releases: Multiversity continues to be mind-blowingly massive, Gwen Stacy makes for an awesome Spider-Woman in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, and another brand new Image series Oddly Normal launched.  I’m “afraid” that this week’s comic comes to us from Cthulhu’s homeboy himself, Dirk Manning.  This week’s Super-Fly Comic of the Week is: Tales of Mr. Rhee Karmageddon #1!



Dirk Manning (Nightmare World, Love Stories to Die For!) and Seth Damoose (Nightmare World, Xenoholics) bring us the continuing story of Mr. Rhee as he battles the minions of Hell and chtuloids both.  If you’re not a dedicated Nightmare World reader then you should probably know that Lucifer + Cthulhu = Apocalypse, which lasted for three (thRHEE?) days.  While the last volume (Tales of Mr. Rhee Procreation (of the Wicked)) took place after the apocalypse ended, this series flashes back to Rhee’s activities during those three days of darkness.  What was Rhee doing during the apocalypse?  Come on in and find out, if you dare!!!

Super-Fly Comic of the Week September 12th

Cheers, Fly-Hards and welcome to another installment of Super-Fly Comic of the Week!  This week saw a lot of new releases, but with it came a lot of mediocrity.  DC continues September gimmick month with more 3-D covers, Prometheus: Fire and Stone launched the newest revival of the Alien franchise in comics, but recurring favorites like East of West and Ms. Marvel continued to be very strong reads.  This week’s comic comes to us from Boom! Studios and has the charm of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the feel of Hot Fuzz, and the alien presence of The World’s End.  This week’s Super-Fly Comic of the Week is: Wild’s End #1!



Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy, Annihilation: Conquest) and I.N.J. Culbard (The Shadow Out of Time, Celeste) bring us what can only be described as a very charming new series from Boom! Studios.  When something crash lands just outside of the peaceful English town of Lower Crowchurch things will never be quite the same.  There’s a great deal of English wit and charm on each and every page of this first issue, which admittedly is a lot of set up for the rest of the series, but it manages to keep the mystery engaging and the characters are distinct and fun enough to keep you engaged for the full issue.  Definitely a series to keep an eye on and if nothing else makes me want to go and watch Hot Fuzz again and that is never a bad thing.

Super-Fly Comic of the Week September 5th

Fly-Hards, we’re busy here at Super-Fly gearing up for another huge month of conventions, starting with Cincy Comicon this weekend. This week’s selection of new comics highlights many of the awesome creators who will be there including Phil Noto on Black Widow, Tim Seeley on Grayson, and Skottie Young on Rocket Raccoon. This week’s Comic of the Week comes from another writer/artist who will also be in attendance, who we’ve covered here on Super-Fly Comic of the Week before. This week’s Super-Fly Comic of the Week is: God Hates Astronauts #1!




Ryan Browne’s God Hates Astronauts Vol 1 TPB was featured on Super-Fly Comic of the Week when it was first released in print by Image several months ago and now GHA returns with a new ongoing series!  This issue is an excellent jumping on point for new readers  as well as being just as great for fans of the first volume.  If you’re not familiar with the series, NASA has hired the Power Persons Five to stop astronauts launching homemade rockets into space!   However, the Power Persons Five is a totally dysfunctional group and they’re only now getting around to doing their job.  This series is ludicrous, insane, bothersome, and one of the strangest comics you will ever read and all of that is actually a good thing.


Super-Fly Comic of the Week August 29

Hey Fly-Hards, this week Super-Fly Comics and Games turned 7!  To celebrate, this Saturday (8/30) we will have Dirk Manning (of Nightmare World and Tales of Mr. Rhee fame) and Victor Dandridge Jr (of 8-Bit Challenge fame) all day and then Duderus (Youtube channel here: will be rockin at 8PM!  On top of all of that, we will be running 60% OFF back issues and 35% off EVERYTHING ELSE!!!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!  This week has a great selection of comics to choose from!  Saga continues to be the same level of brilliant it always is, Johns/Romita Superman adds some new wrinkles to the story, and Uncanny Avengers launched a new arc that will lead us straight into Axis.  There was always going to be only one choice for this week’s pick, a comic based on a hit TV show and written by the same creators.  This week’s Super-Fly Comic of the Week is: Bob’s Burgers #1!



Once again, Super-Fly is ON THE COVER!!!  With three different shorts and some great one-offs (the Every Breath You Shi-take Burger being our favorite and there’s a very special splash page of Jimmy Jr you just have to see) this issue fits perfectly along side the cartoon and if you’re a fan of one you will definitely enjoy the other!

Super-Fly Comic of the Week August 22nd

You must not read this post, Fly-Hards!  The fate of the entire multiverse is in your hands!  This week was a great one for comics: Umbral continues to be the best fantasy book on the shelves, Ms. Marvel is still just as charming and delightful as always, and the new Brubaker and Phillips team up, The Fade Out, launched.  This week’s pick should come as no surprise (especially after the intro to this post!).  A threat beyond anything we’ve seen before has set it’s sights on the entire DC multiverse and you can help!  This week’s Super-Fly Comic of the Week is: Multiversity #1!



The last monitor has been lost against a new evil and now the greatest superheroes from each universe must band together if they stand any chance of winning the day!  Join Superman of Earth-23 and dozens of other heroes (including the cartoon-powered Captain Carrot), some we’ve seen before, some brand new!  The best part is, you actually have a part to play in this 8-part epic, but you’ll have to read through it all to see what you must do.  This is what event books should feel like and it’s good to see big time titles from the Big 2 living up to expectations.

Super-Fly Comic of the Week August 15th

Another week has come and gone, Fly-Hards, and with it a new batch of comics! This week had another great issue of Sex Criminals, Where is Jake Ellis released after a year and a half of waiting, and The Woods continues to be tense and interesting. This week one comic stood above the rest (literally). This week’s Super-Fly Comic of the Week is: Godzilla: Cataclysm #1!



Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe) and Dave Wachter (Night of 1000 Wolves) bring us a new mini-series in a world post-kaiju apocalypse!  The monsters destroyed most of the world, but then they vanished as quickly as they came.  Of course, there’s always the chance they’ll come back (spoilers: they do!).  Up first?   Biollante!

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